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    Healthy salmon

    We know everything about salmon, and we use the very latest technologies to ensure that they are comfortable and safe in our hatcheries. In a natural environment, wild salmon are born in rivers and then migrate to the ocean, whereas we cultivate juveniles in fresh water and then grow them at cage farms in the Barents Sea and lakes of Karelia. We try to ensure that the processes involved in farming our fish are similar to what they would experience in nature, and we aim to minimize the amount of contact our salmon have with humans: we use artificial intelligence to improve feeding performance and monitor the health of our fish.

    Production philosophy
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    Arctic freshness
    on your table

    Fish from INARCTICA stands out for its unrivalled freshness: our production facilities are located very close to the main regions of consumption. Our salmon can be found in stores in St. Petersburg on the second day after it is caught, in Moscow on the third day and in Krasnoyarsk on the fifth day. Our red fish is delicate and imbued with Arctic freshness.

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    Make every day a fish day

    There are very few opportunities to fish wild salmon, and overfishing threatens to reduce populations. Farmed salmon provides access to healthy and delicious red fish to a much larger number of people without depleting natural stocks. We are proud to be a part of this effort.

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    Our fish, your health

    We strictly control the quality of our fish. We do not use growth hormones, antibiotics or GMOs. Thanks to a balanced diet and excellent conditions for growth, our fish are rich in vitamins A, B3 (PP), B7 (H), C, D, E and B12; omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids; as well as essential micronutrients such as zinc, selenium, magnesium and phosphorus.

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    Our home planet

    We are committed to taking care of our planet: we make efficient use of its resources thanks to the high rate of conversion of feed into protein, we process fish waste into environmentally friendly silage for livestock farms, and we take part in environmental initiatives. We also fight poaching and other violations in the fish market.

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    Financial well-being

    We have built our business in such a way as to provide our employees with competitive salaries, to invest in our further growth and development and to pay dividends to shareholders on a regular basis. Over the past six years, we have increased our volume of fish production sixfold, and we have allocated nearly RUB 2 billion for dividend payments. We have great respect for the work our employees do, and we are convinced that good income, growth opportunities, health insurance and other benefits enable our staff to develop our Company’s business and make it even better for the benefit of our consumers, partners and investors.

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