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To access your account, you need to use the personal login and password you received from the registrar’s office or use your verified account on the GOSUSLUGI portal for authorization.


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Providing information to shareholders

The Public Joint Stock Company INARCTICA is required to provide its shareholders with access to corporate documents in accordance with Articles 89 and 91 of the Federal Law on Joint-Stock Companies.

Shareholders that collectively control at least 25% of the Company’s voting shares have the right to access accounting documents and the minutes of meetings of the collegial executive body of PJSC INARCTICA.

To obtain access to these documents, a shareholder must fill out an application and sign a confidentiality agreement in the form approved by PJSC INARCTICA.

To obtain copies of PJSC INARCTICA’s documents, the shareholder should transfer payment in advance for the costs of preparing these documents to the following account:


INN 7816430057, KPP 773101001

Settlement account 40702810446010007219

Central Branch of JSB Rossiya, Moscow

BIK 044525220

Purpose of payment: for preparation of a copy of (specify the name of the required documents), including VAT.

The cost of making a copy of 1 sheet of paper in A4 format is RUB 2, including VAT.

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