INARCTICA means fresh red fish from the Russian North

Our fish grow and develop in conditions that are as close as possible to what they would experience in nature—in the pristine waters of the Barents Sea and Karelian lakes. When they reach marketable weight, they are taken out of sea cages by specialized vessels and sent live to processing plants. Immediately after processing, the fish are put in special containers that maintain the required temperature and covered with flake ice. Fish pallets are then prepared and sent to the warehouse, where customer orders are collected. Thanks to the latest production and refrigeration technologies, INARCTICA products retain maximum freshness during delivery throughout Russia.

Красная рыба

Product types

Атлантический лосось Фон для вида рыбы

Atlantic salmon (Barents Sea)

Морская форель Фон для вида рыбы

Sea trout (Barents Sea)

Озёрная форель Фон для вида рыбы

Lake trout (Karelian lakes)

Общие данные рыбы

  • Вес рыбы


    weight of adult fish

  • Вес рыбы


    length of adult fish

Production philosophy

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